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If you are a visitor to French Polynesia you qualify for Duty Free status.

Please follow the instructions below.
During your visit to the Anapa Pearl Farm your purchase included a stamped pre-addressed envelope and your export documents.  
Certify your jewelry has been exported by completing the following quick procedures. 

  • Air Departure :  Prior to going through customs go to the Customs Office located to the left of the main customs entrance. Please see the map below for location of Customs Office. Present your passport, export documents and jewelry purchased. Customs will stamp the pink sheet. Return the pink sheet stamped by customs in the provided stamped envelope and drop in the yellow mailbox located in front of the custom’s desk.

  • Sea Departure (Cruise Ship): Contact your Purser onboard ship.

  • Sea departure (Yachts): Contact your Port agent​

IMPORTANT: If you were unable to present the Export Sale Form upon departure, you may have it stamped by the Customs of your country, the French Consulate, or a Public Notary and return by mail to

Anapa Perles BP 790 Uturoa Raiatea French Polynesia 98735. 


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